Building Wine Racks Can be a Fun Hobby

Wine enthusiasts tend to become perfectionists when it comes to how their prized wine is stored. While some wine enthusiasts might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the wine rack that will complement their home and securely store their wine, building wine racks is another option.

Now, there are many who would shun the idea of building wine racks themselves when they could just as easily pay another person to accomplish the same task. However, the wine enthusiast who also is a perfectionist may just want to build their own wine rack so that they could control all aspects of how their wine was stored.

Building Wine Racks: The Planning Process

Building wine racks requires a lot of planning, but of course anything that is to be successfully accomplished would have to undergo such a process. There are several important factors that must first be addressed, otherwise the person building the wine rack runs the risk of ruining the wine that the self-made wine rack is supposed to be securely storing.

It is important to note that wine must be kept in a cool, dark place, so if one is planning on building a large wine rack, the process should be undertaken in the cellar. Additionally, one should make sure that wherever the wine rack is placed, the temperature should be between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for proper storage.

It is important when building the wine rack to level each column so that the bottles are positioned in an even horizontal manner. Failure to properly construct the columns will result in oxygen getting in to the bottles and thus ruining the flavor of the wine.

There are two general ways to design a wine rack in an efficient manner so as to allow for the proper storage of wine. The first method is the bulk stacking method, in which there is one single shelf and one simply lays the wine bottles side by side next to each other. When that first row is full, then one moves on to the second row, and so on and so forth, creating what can best be described as a pyramid shape.

The second method is referred to as the individual stacking design, wherein each bottle has its own place within the rack, and no bottle touches any other bottle. While this method allows for easy access of wine bottles, it takes more time and more material to create.

For the wine enthusiast who plans on building a wine rack, plans and ideas can easily be found online. The price will vary on the materials and the size of the project. With proper planning and construction, the completed handmade wine rack is sure to be a great conversation piece.

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