Build a Modular Wooden Wine Rack with a Do-it-Yourself Method

For those wishing to build a home wine cellar, the modular wooden wine rack is an ideal solution because it will include everything that is needed for the home wine cellar as well as for walk-in wine rooms. There are a number of do-it-yourself possibilities when choosing to go in for a modular wooden wine rack. Building one’s own modular wooden wine rack means that there is no need to anchor the wine rack to the wall or floor and they can be free standing thus enabling them to be placed anywhere within cellars or wine rooms.

It is Also Possible to Assemble One of These Racks

It is possible to assemble the modular wooden wine rack in minutes and retailers do ship them in 90 percent assembled condition. All that needs to be done is to use exterior glue which is sure to last a lifetime given the humidity levels present in most wine cellars, on the racks. Also, when building a modular wooden wine rack, one needs to calculate the number of wood parts that are needed along with the assembly unit.

This can be done by adding four (uprights) to the number of rows that the proposed wine rack will have. This means that for a rack having thirteen rows of bottles it would need seventeen wood parts. In addition, the wood may be Northeastern Maple and the modular wooden wine rack may also be machined with pre-drilled holes. It is also possible to create one’s own cellar by mixing and matching different components that meet individual tastes in order to create a modular wooden wine rack for oneself.

Besides building one’s own modular wooden wine rack, it is also possible to buy assembled wine racks that are made of choice woods and which can be easily assembled. Some of the available modular wooden wine racks are made of solid pine which has exceptionally strong wooden dowels and these versatile wine racks make it possible to make one’s own wine rack in any direction as well as expand it, as and when desired.

These kits can be used to make modular wooden wine racks that hold approximately forty bottles of wine with each bottle opening being approximately 4” x 4” and 11” in depth that will suit both wine bottles as well as champagne bottles. The cost of such a modular wooden wine rack may be approximately 90.

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