Store Your Wine Using an Oak Wine Rack

Make your wine storage needs simple by using an oak wine rack. If your wine collection is growing you may be well advised to go in for an oak wine rack that have eye catching appeal and, in addition, the labels on the wine bottles are easy to read, when stored in the proper way. The dimensions of the oak wine rack may vary from eighteen bottles to as many as twenty-four thousand bottles! The typical oak wine rack will be able to hold wine bottles that have diameters of three and five eights of an inch and these bottles would easily hold 750ml wine bottles.

Since the importance of storing wine is great, an oak wine rack should be designed such that it can grow as the wine collection grows. Towards this end, there are many different sizes of wine racks to choose from, whether it is a commercial rack or a rack that is to be used to outfit the wine cellar. One can design one’s own oak wine rack as it is simple to find the correct height and width that is required to store the wine bottles. A typical oak wine rack may cost as much as US$180 plus shipping charges and the size would be 23 ¾” x 15 ¾” x 36” and it is made out of particle board, has oak veneers with a nice Mission Oak finish, which can be assembled as required.

Many Options for Your Desires

Many customers desire to have oak wine racks and the Oak Stave Trellis Wine Display ATR-36 is a fine example of wooden wine racks that are made from original French oak wood barrel staves. These oak wine racks can be used in the dining room or can be located in the wine cellar.

No matter where one places the oak wine rack it is certainly eye-catching and can be cleaned by hand polish or by a sanding machine since it is made of unusually high standards of craftsmanship. With this oak rack it is possible to showcase one’s favorite vintage wines and the design of oak wine racks should be artful and they may very well act as a substitute for a piece of art, in the home.

There are plenty of retail outlets selling oak wine racks and the Internet is another fertile breeding ground for oak rack sellers. So, it should not be difficult to find the wine rack of one’s choice, given the wide variety of options available. This kind of wine rack beautifully displays in any room and its solid lacquered oak with lacquered oak pins can store as many as 12 bottles and is expandable as the wine collection grows.

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