Some Resources for Buying a Small Wine Rack

The typical small wine rack will store about eight bottles of wine and provide the perfect storage solution for those who wish to store their small collection of wines. Sometimes the small rack may consist of two stackable four bottle units allowing the wine enthusiast to store eight bottles, altogether. Since the number of bottles that can be stored are few the cost of such small wine racks is not much and is, thus easily affordable for everyone wishing to own one.

The Stockable Wine Rack – Acrylic is one such small wine rack that costs only $24 and is of clear color and its size is 9.5” height, 17.5” wide and 5.75” in depth and is made from beautiful and sturdy clear acrylic and is an attractive storage unit of which several units may be purchased in order to customize the wine storage area.

The advantage of purchasing a small rack is that it may be expanded as the wine collection increases and there is no need to buy a big wine rack when there are not enough bottles to store. The small wine rack can be used for the table or countertop or can be placed in any other visible place. If there is more than one unit, they can be either stacked together or placed adjacent to one another, depending on the wine enthusiasts storage needs. They are great for customizing the wine storage area.

In case the wine enthusiast is looking for a small rack that is stylish enough to sit comfortably on the kitchen counter there are such racks that can be purchased from Stacks And Stacks, which has an excellent collection of small wine racks. These too, are relatively inexpensive and retail for about $25.

Other Places to Buy a Rack

Another retailer that sells small wine racks is, who has been manufacturing quality wine storage units for all purposes, be they residences, retail stores, restaurants or hotels. Their small rack stocks 12 bottles and can be placed on the countertop and suits every décor, as well. is the ultimate wine enthusiast’s shopping source, no matter that all you need is a small wine rack and not a custom built cellar. Their small wine racks are made from wood, wrought iron, steel and much more. has a selection of small racks that store from three to forty-eight bottles of wine, and the wine racks are made from both wood and metal. One is sure to find the small wine rack that will suit individual needs, especially as there are many different styles, and these simple stackable racks can be assembled without using any tools. Prices vary from $30 to about $100 and a bit.

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