The Advantages of a Wall Mounted Wine Rack

What are Some of the Advantages of a Wall Mounted Wine Rack?

Stainless steel, wood, metal shelving and even steel mesh are just some of the materials that are commonly used in a wall mounted wine rack, allowing for the opportunity to find one that will safely hold your collection and add to your décor at the same time.

Whether you have just a couple of bottles of wine to share with friends, or an entire collection of several dozen bottles for display, you will not want to keep them in the bottom of your kitchen cupboard or in a closet. If space is a premium, a wall mounted wine rack may be the best option for you.

A simple wall mounted wine rack can be found that holds as few as three bottles, and it can be mounted on a wall away from traffic in order to safeguard it from inadvertently being knocked out of the rack and onto the floor. If you collection is larger than three, there are those that mount the same way, but hold more bottles.

Some designs of the wall mounted wine rack cradle the entire bottle, evenly distributing its weight while others are designed to hold the bottles by inserting the neck of the bottle into a padded hole in the wall mounted wine rack. This does make the labels easier to read and removing them from the rack easier.

A wall mounted wine rack is available that also has racks to hold stemware wine glasses hanging from under the bottles, keeping your glasses with the wine making, entertaining easier as well as helping to organize your home.

You can visit for ideas in designs to fit your home and your budget. Some racks store the bottles upside down with the glasses hanging beneath them and sill others give you the option of mounting them on the wall or hanging them from the ceiling.

A person with the skills and ability can make their own wall mounted wine rack out of wood. Simple designs are available at several home improvement stores or an imaginative person could design and build their own.

One store offers a wall mounted wine rack which resemble as grape vine, a reminder of where the wine comes from. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles can be found at However decorative they may be, they would probably fit better in a larger room. They offer others for smaller spaces.

Selecting a wall mounted wine rack is a personal choice, limited only by your personal taste, available room and your budget.

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