Wine Cellar Rack: Ideal for Large Collections

For people with more extensive collections of wines, or restaurants offering an extensive wine list, a wine cellar is usually part of the structure to store it. A wine cellar rack will be essential in keeping your collection organized.

With several hundreds of bottles of wine being on a typical business’s menu, this requires they keep track of each bottle and a wine cellar rack will help them greatly with that task. As well, when a customer asks for a specific type and year of wine, they do not want to be kept waiting while someone searches through the basement trying to find it.

It should be remember however that a wine cellar rack must be sturdy enough to hold the number of bottles in the collection and designed to make each bottle easily identifiable and safe. Since wine cellars normally have environmental stability to protect the integrity of the contents, a wine cellar rack will help protect the integrity of the bottles.

Most wine cellar racks are custom built to fit the environment in which they will be housed and securely fastened to the floor as well as the ceiling to prevent them from tipping over. Usually a shelf that holds two bottles, each visible from the side they face, are actually two separate racks back-to-back.

Keeping Environmental Conditions Constant

Most wine experts confirm the notion that maintaining a constant temperature is important to the wines, and extreme changes in temperatures can detract from the wine’s taste and texture. A wine cellar rack can help by keeping circulation between the bottles helping to maintain that constant temperature control.

They also recommend that a wine cellar rack be kept in the dark unless someone is looking for a bottle, as bright lights can also harm the taste and integrity of the contents.

There are many commercial suppliers of a good, quality wine cellar rack and while the majority offer quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price, having a carpenter build a wine cellar rack in your cellar to ensure it will make the most of available space, may be a better option.

There are also metal wine cellar racks, similar to those used as wall racks which offer excellent storage. While wood may eventually age and become unusable, metal will last longer, unless left uncared for and begins to show signs of rust. Whichever type you choose, it should be primarily dependant on the size of your collection or the size of your businesses will determine the size you need.

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