Wine Storage Rack: Available in Wood or Metal

Finding the right wine storage rack to fit not only your present needs, but also your potential future needs, can be a daunting experience, but a little planning and thought will make the exercise considerably easier.

Whether you choose metal or wood will a personal taste and a perception of which offers better stability and which may be available to expand upon in the future. A wine storage rack which holds 24 bottles may be fine for today, but if you are planning to expand to a collection of considerable size, it may, or may not, be expandable.

Usually a person needing a wine storage rack knows up front whether or not they plan to expand. With metal chances are good you can add to it later. If it is a specific design, for instance, years from now additional pieces may not be available as manufacturers often change design to keep up with the tastes of their customers.

A wood wine storage rack on the other hand, can almost always be added to in the future. The same types of wood will most likely be available and the design can be duplicated by a professional or home owner with proper abilities in working with wood.

Bigger Does not Always Mean Better

When setting your future goal for the anticipated size of your wine collection, be sure to make that expectation realistic. If you plan for and obtain a wine storage rack that holds less bottles than you have, it is obviously unrealistic and unintelligent to purchase it. The same goes for if you only have a small collection of wine but buy a huge wine storage rack; there is no purpose truly, unless you are planning on being able to fill it up quickly.

However, placing 24 bottles in a wine storage rack that holds 36 bottles, for instance, will not seem to be a downfall in your collection efforts. Accessibility to your bottles should be a main concern with your choice of a wine storage rack. You shouldn’t have to pull every bottle from the rack to find a specific one. The labels should be visible and easy to read.

Having a custom made wine storage rack is always an option, if price is of little concern, but most advise collectors to purchase a pre-made unit due to their quality and durability and, especially with wood, the different configurations that can be made with wood.

Metal wine storage racks have their advantages of being easy to assemble and their long-lasting quality and if placed in a controlled environment, should have no issues with rust, especially those which are painted by the manufacturer, for instance.

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