Wooden Wine Rack: Can be Custom Designed

One of the advantages of a wooden wine rack is that of its ability to be custom designed and built to fit the space designated for their use. Metal is nice and sturdy, but most are available only in pre-determined sizes and may not fit your immediate or future needs.

When considering a wooden wine rack its configuration and the number of bottles of wine it may eventually hold are paramount to making a decision. Free-standing units are available as are those designed to wrap around outside corners and others to fit into inside corners.

However, back-to-back shelving-type wooden wine racks are the most typical design. Securing them to prevent them from being tipped over is also necessary as your collection is probably worth a considerable amount of money and you would hate to see the failure of a few fasteners leading to the loss of your collection.

Design and Construction is up to you

There are no hard and fast rules concerning the type of material used to build a wooden wine rack and everything from the cheaper pine to expensive mahogany has been successfully utilized. Poplar and ash are considered easiest to work with, but with the proper tools, any type can be used.

Whether it is a simple box, standing on a corner to create a diamond shape to hold the bottles or a stand alone unit holding as few as three or four bottles in a single stack, it will be determined by the size of your collection. Others, which are designed like a sorting bin in the post office, for instance, can hold up to 144 bottles or more. Again, it will be dependant on the number of bottles which will be housed in the wooden wine rack.

Constructing your own wooden wine rack is always and option and if you have that talent can save money as well as making the entire collection that much more personal. Besides, with the money you save building it yourself, you can buy more wine for your collection.

Many wine collectors will not set their bottles on anything except wood, claiming it protects the bottles from temperature variations which the metal wires pick up first. Extreme changes in temperature has been said to cause damage to the integrity of the taste of the wine.

Wood, on the other hand, is said to better hold the ambient temperature and offers better protection of the wine’s taste. However, as with all furniture in your home or business, the materials, design and color is a matter of personal preference.

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